Artists in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Spring 2017

Hyphen-Labs: NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism

2017, Various artists, USA, ca. 60 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Mar 30th 6:00pm

Hyphen-Labs is an international collective of women artists, designers, engineers, game-builders, and writers known for works that merge art, technology, and science. Their latest project, the multiplatform NEUROSPECULATIVE AFROFEMINISM uses video, virtual reality, and medical imaging to explore Black women’s contributions to science while raising issues of identity and perception. Set in a future “neurocosmetology lab,” where Black women pioneer brain modulation and cognitive enhancement by embedding electrodes into extensions and braiding techniques, the piece reimagines technologies of beauty as media for scientific and social experimentation. Hyphen-Labs presents and discusses the project, while inviting viewers to help produce new images and avatars of Black women to reprogram our digital and physical realities. Multiple formats. (Amy Beste)

Presented in collaboration with Black Cinema House.

MARCH 30: Hyphen-Labs members Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, Ashley Baccus-Clark, Ece Tankal, Nitzan Bartov will be present for audience discussion.