Film Series : Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers


1915, Lois Weber, USA, 53 min. With Courtenay Foote, Myrtle Stedman.

Show Times

  • Sat, Oct 20th 3:00pm

"A particular standout...Weber shows a remarkable aptitude for visual storytelling." - Rebecca Pahle, Film Journal International

One-time church worker Lois Weber was the preeminent American woman filmmaker of the silent era. She rose to prominence in the mid-1910s with a series of successful feature films that tackled controversial issues, such as birth control, abortion, drug addiction, and capital punishment. HYPOCRITES is best known for its use of an unclothed woman to represent Truth, but that is only one late-appearing element in a boldly unconventional, multileveled work. HYPOCRITES employs two time frames, an extended dream sequence, an allegorical screen-within-the-screen in the form of Truth's mirror, elaborate camera movements, and a final ironic twist to tell the parallel stories of a medieval monk and a modern-day minister who struggle against the hypocrisy of their times. Sharp tinted copy with intermittent decomposition. Preceded by two Weber shorts: SUSPENSE and THE ROSARY. All in DCP digital with prerecorded music scores. (MR)

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1913, Lois Weber, 12 min.

Dazzling technique is applied to a home-invasion story.

The Rosary

The Rosary

1913, Lois Weber, 15 min.

A popular song and a circular frame enclose a sadly ironic tale of lovers separated by war and devotion.

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