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In the Mouth of the Wolf

In bocca al lupo

1963, Robert Morgan, USA, 55 min. (Total show: ca. 100 min.)

Show Times

  • Sat, Oct 19th 7:30pm
August Ventura in person!

In celebration of Chicago’s Lyric Opera presentation of Verdi’s Luisa Miller, August Ventura, Verdi aficionado and creator of the Verdi Documentary Project, presents a very special Verdi-focused evening that includes the long-lost film IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF. Set in Parma, Italy, Verdi’s birthplace, the film depicts American soprano Margherita Roberti (née Margaret Jean Roberts in Davenport, Iowa), maestro Alberto Erede, and co-stars (and Lyric Opera favorites) Renato Cioni and Piero Cappuccilli, as they confide fears that their new production of Luisa Miller will not find favor with Parma’s notoriously opera-mad audiences. Made for TV, IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF was broadcast one time only, fifty-five years ago, then disappeared until rediscovered and restored by Ventura. The program includes a wealth of anecdotes, details, and additional Verdi-related treats. In English and Italian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

Verdi aficionado August Ventura is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.