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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere!



2016, Edoardo De Angelis, Italy, 105 min. With Angela Fontana, Marianna Fontana.

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 11th 5:15pm
  • Thu, Mar 15th 8:15pm

"A mood piece humming with energy and marked by wondrous moments...Both actresses are remarkable in their screen debuts." - Michael Nordine, Village Voice

"A dark and lovely parable...played with subtlety and oomph by first-time screen actors Angela and Marianna Fontana." - Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

Winner of five Donatello Awards, this offbeat modern-day fairy tale centers on Viola and Dasy, two conjoined twins whose angelic beauty and heavenly voices brighten the rough Naples neighborhood where they live and perform under the exploitative thumb of their parents. When a doctor informs them that they could be separated without risk, the adventurous Dasy persuades the timid Viola that they should run away, and they set out into a world filled with menace and promise. With nods to Fellini and Sorrentino, director De Angelis employs a fluid widescreen style that blends the tawdry and the magical to haunting effect, and real-life identical twins Angela and Marianna Fontana deliver subtle, affecting performances whose appeal extends far beyond gimmickry. In Italian with English subtitles. Courtesy of Ira Deutchman. DCP digital widescreen. (MR)

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