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In My Blood It Runs

2019, Maya Newell, Australia, 84 min.


“Quietly masterful portrait of growing up indigenous.”--Luke Buckmaster, Guardian

Breathtaking and visually stunning."--Katya Kazbek, Supamodu

In this revealing, probingly compassionate documentary, two divergent cultural forces battle for the heart, soul and future of Dujuan, a charismatic ten-year-old Australian Aboriginal boy. Dujuan’s childhood is divided between the time his family spends on their ancestral lands, where he learns the language and ways of his tribal heritage, and time in the town of Alice Springs, where he and his siblings attend a school where only the dominant white culture is acknowledged and taught. Dujuan’s emerging skill as a traditional healer is nurtured by his elders, but in the eyes of white society, his “crimes” of truancy, cheekiness, and frequent rejection of authority have marked him as heading for a future in the Australian penal system, which warehouses Aboriginal youth in overwhelming numbers. In English, Arrente, and Garrwa with English subtitles. The distributor is donating a portion of proceeds to Children's Ground, a charity supporting children suffering from injustice in First Nations communities. (BS)

Enjoy a pre-recorded Q&A with director Maya Newell and producers Larissa Behrendt and Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson with purchase.

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