Tuesday lectures by Jon Cates! Film Series : The Western: How It Was Never One

The Man With The Iron Fists

2012, RZA, USA/Hong Kong, 95 min. With RZA, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu.


Show Times

  • Fri, Oct 26th 4:00pm
  • Tue, Oct 30th 6:00pm

"A wildly whirling martial arts spectacle." - Betsey Sharkey, Los Angeles Times

Hip hop meets wuxia meets Western in this exuberant genre mash-up that marked the directorial debut of the multitalented RZA (aka Robert Diggs), onetime leader of the seminal group Wu Tang Clan and longtime fan of the Asian martial arts movies he pays homage to here. The action is set in 19th-century China, where the imminent arrival of a gold shipment draws an assortment of colorful opportunists to the wide-open town of Jungle Village. Caught in the middle is the ex-slave known as Blacksmith (RZA), whose specialty is creating elaborate weapons for the various combatants and whose neutrality is compromised by a debt of honor. The film is marked by vigorous editing, baroque violence, and sumptuous sets, most of which are smashed to bits by Corey Yuen's rambunctious fight choreography. The cast includes Russell Crowe as a Falstaffian British mystery man, Lucy Liu as a crafty bordello operator, and, nearly stealing the show, Dave Bautista (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) as a seemingly invincible killer named Brass Body. In English and Mandarin with English subtitles. 35mm widescreen. (MR)

Tuesday lecture by Jon Cates, Associate Professor of Film, Video, New Video and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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