Lecture by Melika Bass at Tuesday screening! Film Series : New Sensory Cinema

It Felt Like Love

2013, Eliza Hittman, USA, 82 min. With Gina Piersanti, Ronen Rubinstein.

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  • Tue, Mar 21st 6:00pm

"Hittman's debut isn't just a brilliantly tactile study of the mounting sexual curiosity and frustration of 14-year-old Lila; it's also an important landmark in the oft-ignored subgenre of realistic movies about female adolescence." — Inkoo Kang, Los Angeles Times

Lila (Piersanti) is a virginal teenager living in Gravesend, Brooklyn, bouncing between killing time at the beach and plodding through hip-hop dance classes. Growing frustrated with her own sexual inexperience, she sets her sights on local hunk Sammy (Rubinstein), a college boy rumored to sleep around indiscriminately, towards whom she makes increasingly awkward and unwanted advances. Rather than embodying the clichés of teenage sexual awakening or youth in peril narratives, IT FELT LIKE LOVE presents its protagonist as something far rarer, a young woman with complicated motives intent on claiming her own sexual agency. One of the most exciting directorial debuts in recent years, IT FELT LIKE LOVE is as unsettling and as it is lushly sensual, recalling the whirlwind style of Claire Denis and the emotional frankness of Maurice Pialat. DCP digital. (CW)

MARCH 21: Lecture by award-winning filmmaker and installation artist Melika Bass, Assistant Professor in the Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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