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  1. 1954/1967, Jean Rouch, France, 89 min.
  2. With Damouré Zika, Illo Gaoudel

JAGUAR was Rouch’s first major venture in “shared anthropology” and “ethno-fiction.” The project was proposed by Rouch’s longtime friend Damouré Zika, and much of the material was improvised by Zika and the two other lead actors. The light-hearted picaresque story concerns three young men who leave their homes in Niger to seek their fortunes in the Gold Coast city of Accra, becoming hipsters (or “jaguars”) and eventually starting up a successful marketplace business called “Petit à petit” (Little by Little). Most of the film was shot in 1954-55; an improvised commentary was added two years later; and editing was not completed until 1967. In French with English subtitles. HDCAM video. (MR)

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