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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere!

Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

Jeannette, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc

2017, Bruno Dumont, France, 108 min. With Lise Leplat Prudhomme, Jeanne Voison.

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 11th 3:00pm
  • Thu, Mar 15th 6:00pm

"Pitched somewhere between Straub-Huillet and Headbangers Ball, Monty Python and Messiaen, Bruno Dumont's new feature JEANNETTE marks an unexpected and near-perfect synthesis of the French iconoclast's many disparate interests and obsessions… he's responsible for some of the most exhilaratingly alive cinema in the world right now." - Jordan Kronk, Cinema Scope

"This singular musical gloriously combines gorgeous beachside settings, idiosyncratic non-actors, beautifully low-key singing, and heavy metal for one of the most joyous experiences the [Cannes] festival has to offer." - Elena Lazic, Seventh Row

In 1425 in the small village of Domrémy, the future Joan of Arc is still Jeannette, an impetuous 8-year-old shepherdess troubled by France's ongoing war with England who communicates her spiritual crises to her family, her neighbors, and the relentlessly bleating flock of sheep she tends through song and dance. Setting Jeannette's laments to a pounding, electronics-heavy score by French metal musician Igorrr, the resolutely unpredictable Bruno Dumont (LI'L QUINQUIN) directs one of the strangest musicals in recent years, a humanizing and massively endearing portrait of one of French history's most iconic figures, complete with rapping, head-banging, and all manner of goofy, amateurish dancing. Indulging in many of his artistic signatures, including utilizing non-actors (performing their songs live for the camera to add an extra bit of verisimilitude), shooting on location in picturesque French countryside, and lacing the film with an oblique, deadpan mysticism, Dumont's latest is another unclassifiable left turn from one of contemporary cinema's most exciting voices. In French with English subtitles. Courtesy of KimStim. DCP digital. (CW)

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