Chicago connection! Filmmakers in person! Film Series : Black Harvest Film Festival 2016


2016, Seckeita Lewis, USA, 98 min. With Brandon Lewis, Anthony Fort, Irma P. Hall.

Show Times

  • Sat, Aug 20th 6:00pm
  • Sun, Aug 21st 5:00pm

Set in the Jim Crow South, in a small Mississippi town, and bursting with goofy musical numbers and slapstick, JERICO, the first feature by former Chicagoan Lewis, takes the daring step of creating high comedy from the darker and more violent aspects of segregation. A Klan action over an African American man’s bid for promotion at work leaves a family legacy that the next generation is forced to reckon with on the very day the Civil Rights Act passes. Crazy chases, ruses, redneck villains, romantic missteps, and a black man in white face all keep this plot humming, as two guys just trying to get to work become unintentional heroes on that fateful 1964 morning. (BS)

AUGUST 20 & 21: Director Seckeita Lewis, screenwriter/actor Brandon Lewis, and actor Irma P. Hall will be present for audience discussion at both screenings.

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