Chicago premiere! Karen Weinberg in person! Film Series : Stranger Than Fiction 2018

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2017, Karen Weinberg, USA, 80 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Jan 5th 8:15pm
  • Thu, Jan 11th 8:15pm

“A look forward to women as the guardians of their culture and agents of change.” — Tania Ehret, Rabble

"A deftly-woven ode to language as identity and community.” — Zoe Grams, 24 Hours Vancouver

The power of language transforms the lives of four young women and becomes a cultural catalyst in this vibrant saga set in and around Kodiak, Alaska. Director Weinberg spent five years following the efforts of a handful of elders in a struggling Alaska Native community who refuse to let their ancient Alutiiq language die. Teaching it with love and patience to a new generation, they spark a new strength and pride in heritage. Women of all ages are seen in the forefront, not least of all those whose futures are threatened in the yawning gap between a traditional way of life and the rootlessness of the mainstream American culture. The film focuses in part on Sadie, a withdrawn 13-year-old, whose discovery of the language, songs, and dances of her ancestors becomes a joyful turning point. In English and Kodiak Alutiiq with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Karen Weinberg is scheduled to appear for audience discussion at both screenings.

At the Friday, January 5 screening, she will be joined by cinematographer Nara Garber, co-producer Rachel Rozycki, and Dr. Alisha Drabek, the latter of whom is featured in the film and is an Alutiiq language advocate and expert. The Friday discussion will be moderated by Dr. Dorene Wiese, CEO of the American Indian Association of Illinois. There will be a pre-screening reception for ticket holders.

At the Thursday, January 11 screening, she will be joined by co-producer Rachel Rozycki; moderated by Dr. Dorene Wiese, CEO of the American Indian Association of Illinois.

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