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Chicago premiere!

  2. 2009, Michael Glawogger, Austria, 110 min.
  3. With Helmut Köpping, Sabine Timoteo

“Strange and challenging...the most interesting movie of the 2009 Berlinale.”
—Daniel Kasman,

“A powerful, challenging film...hip, stylish, suspenseful.”
—Andrew Grant, GreenCine Daily

Best known for his documentaries WORKINGMAN’S DEATH and the 2012 EU Film Festival hit WHORE’S GLORY, Austrian auteur Glawogger brings the same edgy sensibility to this provocative adaptation of Josef Haslinger’s acclaimed novel. The globe-hopping storyline (compared by critics to Assayas’s DEMONLOVER) encompasses Vienna, Lithuania, New York, Nazi war criminals, incest, patricide, computer games, and the Y2K virus. The life of antihero Ratz (Köpping) is dominated by two figures: his father, an Austrian politician whose hypocrisy inspires Ratz to invent a papa-perforating computer game, and Mimi (Timeteo), a hairless (all over!) femme fatale who entices Ratz to her Long Island home to oversee a redecorating project with a sinister hidden motive. In German and English with English subtitles. HDCAM video. (MR)

Please note: the trailer below contains scenes without subtitles. All of our screenings will be presented with English subtitles.

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