Film Series : Visconti

La Terra Trema

1948, Luchino Visconti, Italy, 160 min. With Antonio Arcidiacono, Agnese Giammona

Show Times

  • Sun, Nov 25th 2:30pm

"An impressive achievement, a genuinely poetic social document." - Don Druker, Chicago Reader

Along with OPEN CITY and BICYCLE THIEVES, Visconti's second feature is considered one of the canonical classics of the Italian neorealist movement, although, due to longstanding availability problems in the U.S., it is less widely known than the other two. Informed by Visconti's Marxism but tempered by his tragic/operatic sensibility, the film's theme is the hard lot of fishermen and their families in a Sicilian village, at the mercy of the elements and exploitative wholesalers. Like many of the Visconti's films, it focuses on decline and downfall, centering on a family that defies the wholesalers by going independent, only to find how difficult it is to stand alone. Filmed entirely on location with a nonprofessional cast, LA TERRA TREMA is Visconti's purest exercise in neorealism, but it connects to his later, more stylized films with its fluid camerawork (all the more amazing for the difficult conditions under which the film was shot) and densely packed frames teeming with detail and vitality. In Italian and Sicilian dialect with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

Please note: This trailer is unsubtitled. Our screenings of the film will be subtitled in English.