Film Series : Recently Restored 2016



1994, Claude Chabrol, France, 102 min. With Emmanuelle Béart, François Cluzet.

Show Times

  • Fri, Sep 9th 6:00pm
  • Sun, Sep 11th 5:00pm

"Gripping...a work of enthralling virtuosity." — Tom Charity, Time Out London

"A riveting study in psychological perversion done with a taut, razor-sharp style, by a witty director who is at the top of his game." — Dennis Schwartz, Ozu's World Movie Reviews

Like the Kubrick/Spielberg A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and the Tati/Chomet THE ILLUSIONIST, L'ENFER provides a fascinating interplay between the highly distinctive sensibilities of two different auteurs, one of them deceased. In this case, the posthumous source is Henri-Georges Clouzot's screenplay for a never-completed film that was the subject of Serge Bromberg's documentary HENRI-GEORGE CLOUZOT'S INFERNO (2009). The infernal force is jealousy, directed by a tightly wound resort-hotel owner (Cluzet) toward his gorgeous young wife (Béart), stoking increasingly drastic suspicions that serve as both torment and turn-on. The two directors have similarly dim views of human nature, but Clouzot's caustic clarity is refashioned by Chabrol's elegant ambiguity, which tends toward climaxes marked by suspension rather than resolution. In French with English subtitles. 2K DCP digital restoration from the Cohen Film Collection. (MR)

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