Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Fall 2015

Lorna Mills: Ways of Something Episodes 1 & 2

2014, Various directors and nations, ca. 60 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Oct 22nd 6:00pm
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WAYS OF SOMETHING is Lorna Mills’s astonishing update of John Berger’s seminal BBC program WAYS OF SEEING (1972). Featuring the work of 114 digital and web artists from around the world, the project consists of a series of one-minute videos produced in response to Berger’s original insights on art and society. The result, a delirious and revelatory collection of 3D renderings, GIFs, webcam performances, appropriated media, desktop preparations, and websites, describes the cacophonous conditions of art making after the Internet. HD Video. (Amy Beste)

These episodes contemplate the role of art in the age of infinite reproducibility and the “male gaze” in the age of avatars, social media, and digital manipulation. Featuring the work of Daniel Temkin, Rollin Leonard, Rhett Jones, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Dafna Ganani, Jennifer Chan, Rea McNamara, Theodore Darst, Matthew Williamson, Hector Llanquin, Christina Entcheva, V5MT, Marisa Olson, Joe McKay, Carla Gannis, Nicholas O'Brien, Eva Papamargariti, Rosa Menkman, Kristin Lucas, Jeremy Bailey & Kristen D. Schaffer, Giselle Zatonyl, Paul Wong, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Sally McKay, RM Vaughan & Keith Cole & Jared Mitchell, Andrew Benson, Christian Petersen, Faith Holland, Jennifer McMackon. Kevin Heckart, Geraldine Juárez, Gaby Cepeda, Angela Washko, Emilie Gervais, LaTurbo Avedon, Lyla Rye, Mattie Hillock, Antonio Roberts, Georges Jacotey, Daniel Rourke, Sandra Rechico & Annie Onyi Cheung, Yoshi Sodeoka, Alma Alloro Germany, LoVid, Andrea Crespo, Ad Minoliti, Arjun Ram Srivatsa, Carrie Gates, Isabella Streffen, Esteban Ottaso, Silke Zil Kuhar ZIL & ZOY, Hyo Myoung Kim, Jesse Darling, Tristan Stevens, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Claudia Hart, and Anthony Antonellis.

OCTOBER 22: Both screenings introduced by Lorna Mills and followed by a discussion with artists featured in the project.