Sat, Jun 11th at 8:00pm
Tue, Jun 14th at 7:45pm
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Chicago premiere!
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  1. 2010, Valerie Weiss, USA, 91 min.
  2. With Miranda Kent, Reid Scott

Is it possible for a girl’s “Mr. Right” to be scientifically validated? That’s the question posed for intense study by brainy but neurotic Harvard grad student Samantha, even as her scientific research experiments appear to be going awry. Director Weiss, who incidentally has a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School, crafts a wacky, breezy, and thoroughly delightful comedy of errors as Samantha contends with a Jewish mother, an academic arch-villain, and some dates from hell in her search for true love. Named First Honorable Mention for the Christopher Wetzel Award for Independent Film Comedy. HDCAM video. (BS)

Actress Kathleen Robertson, and tentatively, executive producer Jeffrey Loeb and actress Miranda Kent will be present for audience discussion on Saturday. Loeb, and tentatively, Robertson will be present for discussion on Tuesday.

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I saw this movie at the NAS Science & Technology Exchange in DC. This was touted as an example of a movie portraying good science, and even that was severely flawed. This movie is full of stereotypes & cliches, unfunny homophobic and minority jokes, and fueled by a xenophobic anti-Chinese plot = EPIC FAIL. This director actually needs to attend a Sensitivity & Diversity exchange. For someone who attended Harvard, I was completely disappointed. She should stop making movies and focus on raising her daughter not to have simplistic view of the world as her mother. During the question and answer period, the director failed to exhibit any empathy and said she gave no thought to the political implications of her anti-China world view that the movie espouses. I wish I had sympathy for his director, but all was lost when she "sarcastically" insisted multiple times that audience members refer to her as "Dr. Weiss." Go figure. Or go waste your time watching any other movie. ever.