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Back by popular demand!
Filmmakers in person!

  1. 2010, Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel, USA, 99 min.

"Inspiring and electrifying."
—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"A genuinely stirring hometown chronicle...Irresistible."
—Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Filmmakers Jacobs and Siskel find a stunning story in Chicago’s annual teen poetry slam, in which teams from more than 60 Chicago-area high schools compete. Winner of the Audience Choice Award and a Special Jury Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival, as well as a host of other festival awards, the film focuses on three individual challengers and one team, underdog Steinmetz High, to convey all the power of teamwork and the raw emotion of performance as the daring young poets create art from the gut and brave heart-wrenching delivery before a live audience. HDCAM video. (BS)

Selected young poets, including some members of the Steinmenauts, will be present for audience discussion on Friday at 8:00 pm, Saturday at 7:45 pm, and Sunday at 5:00 pm. Directors Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel will be present at the 8:00 pm screenings Monday through Thursday.

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