fbpx Maze | Gene Siskel Film Center
Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere! Barry Ward in person!


2017, Stephen Burke, Ireland/UK, 93 min. With Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Barry Ward.

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 30th 8:00pm
  • Sun, Apr 1st 5:15pm

"Gritty, taut and compelling…a refreshingly authentic film…not one false note." - Paddy Kehoe, RTÉ Ireland

"Blends historical context with genre filmmaking, managing to feel both important and exciting." - Stephen Porzio, Film Ireland

The biggest jailbreak in British and Irish history, involving the escape of 38 IRA prisoners from high-security Maze prison in September 1983, is dramatized in a tense but remarkably even-handed story that foregrounds the relationship between failed hunger-striker Larry Marley (Vaughan-Lawlor) and Gordon (Ward, of Ken Loach's JIMMY'S HALL), the steely, arrogant head guard. The republican political prisoners are forced into pressure-cooker conditions under the noses of virulently hostile loyalists in the same cellblock. Marley wins over his compatriots to an escape plan, hoping to play his captor like a fish, but complications grow, along with his grudging respect for the hardened guard. Courtesy of Visit Films. DCP digital widescreen (BS)

Sunday, April 1: Actor Barry Ward will be present for audience discussion.

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