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2018, Seiji Tanaka, Japan, 113 min.
With Yoji Minagawa, Mebuki Yoshida

Show Times

  • Wed, Sep 25th 8:00pm
Chicago premiere! Filmmakers in person!

"Darkly funny, viscerally thrilling and improbably heartwarming."—Mark Schilling, Japan Times

Winner of Best Director at the 2018 Tokyo International Film Festival, this first feature puts a poignant slacker-comic twist on the bloodthirsty yakuza genre, with an added side of shy romance. Twenty-something Kazuhiko (Minagawa), a terminally introverted college grad, lives with his parents and has never had a girlfriend. He’s never held a job, either. A confluence of circumstances scores him a lowly janitorial position in a bathhouse and a fateful meeting with perky but socially stunted former classmate Yuri (Yoshida). Just as life is looking brighter, an ill-advised peek at the after-hours activities of his boss and a punky co-worker lands Kazuhiko in hot water, making him the helpless pawn of gangsters in a new more deadly line of overtime work. Presented in collaboration with Asian Pop-up Cinema. In Japanese with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

Director Seiji Tanaka and producer/actor Yoji Minagawa are scheduled to be present for audience discussion.

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