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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival
U.S. premiere!

Miss Hanoi

2018, Zdenek Viktora, Czech Republic, 86 min.
Ha Thanh Špetlíková, David Novotný

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 10th 5:30pm
  • Wed, Mar 13th 6:00pm

“Fresh take on the Eastern European thriller…an astonishing film that lifts the veil, in almost documentary style, on the Czech Vietnamese community.”--Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

The discovery of the hanged body of an adolescent thug convicted of the murder of a beauty queen reopens old wounds for a small town’s immigrant Vietnamese community, awakens dormant xenophobia, and has immediate repercussions in the career of Anh (Špetlíková), a young Czech Vietnamese cop struggling to assert her right to serve in the face of local prejudice and disrespect. The death of beautiful, much-admired Hien, who is about to be memorialized by her wealthy parents with the naming of a community center, may be past history, but the real story of the murder is yet to be told. Ahn’s search meets with resistance in all quarters, but begins to unearth a disturbing tale of corruption, collusion, forbidden love, and family secrets that cross lines in both the Czech and immigrant communities. In Czech and Vietnamese with English subtitles. ProRes digital widescreen. Courtesy of KAF Europa. (BS)

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