Mizoguchi Restored

May 25 - 30

By the early 1950s, Kenji Mizoguchi had already established himself as one of Japan's greatest directors, known for his mastery of the long take and his deeply sympathetic treatment of female characters. In the remaining years before his 1956 death, working primarily in the jidai-geki (period film) genre, he surpassed himself with a string of masterpieces that achieved a level of stylistic refinement and dramatic power equaled by few other filmmakers. We present new 4K digital restorations of two of Mizoguchi's late masterpieces, one an epic saga of a family sundered by cruelty and injustice, the other an intimate drama of forbidden love. Both films are enhanced by the luminous cinematography of Kazuo Miyagawa and the haunting music of Fumio Hayasaka.

Martin Rubin, Associate Director of Programming


New 4K digital restoration!

A Story from Chikamatsu

The Crucified Lovers / Chikamatsu Monogatari / 近松物語

1954, Kenji Mizoguchi, Japan, 102 min. With Kazuo Hasegawai, Kyôko Kagawa.


  • Fri, May 25th 4:15pm
  • Sat, May 26th 3:00pm
  • Sun, May 27th 5:30pm
  • Tue, May 29th 6:00pm

New 4K digital restoration!

Sansho the Bailiff

Sanshō Dayū / 山椒大夫

1954, Kenji Mizoguchi, Japan, 125 min. With Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshiaki Hanayagi, Kyôko Kagawa.


  • Fri, May 25th 2:00pm
  • Sun, May 27th 3:00pm
  • Mon, May 28th 5:00pm
  • Wed, May 30th 6:00pm