Film Series : Recently Restored 2017

Monterey Pop

1968, D.A. Pennebaker, USA, 78 min.

Show Times

  • Sun, Sep 3rd 8:15pm
  • Mon, Sep 4th 4:45pm

“Quite simply one of the best rock concert films ever, thanks not only to some great performances, but also to the way it sums up the spirit of the time.” — Geoff Andrew, Time Out London

This pioneer music documentary by cinéma-vérité giant Pennebaker set the template for countless rock concert films to follow, while also capturing the spirit of Sixties counterculture at its grooviest high before the bad vibes set in. The occasion is the three-day Monterey International Pop Festival that marked the beginning of 1967’s Summer of Love. Using tight zooms and shallow focus to imbue the stars with a tactile aura, Pennebaker and his seven-camera crew immortalize a wealth of legendary performers and performances, including Janis Joplin stomping out a ferocious “Ball ‘n’ Chain,” Jimi Hendrix cremating his guitar for “Wild Thing,” and Ravi Shankar mesmerizing the crowd with his sitar finale. 4K DCP digital restoration from Janus Films. (MR)

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