Film Series : Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers

Motherhood: Life's Greatest Miracle

1925, Lita Lawrence, USA, 59 min. With George E. Patton, Adelaide M. Chase.

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  • Sat, Oct 13th 4:45pm

"Depicts with earnestness the concerns over money and health that often plague expectant mothers. It's hard to imagine a man from the period taking on the same subject with such zeal." - Christina Newland, Village Voice

MOTHERHOOD parallels the stories of two women who become pregnant at the same time: Mae, a working-class gal whose husband could be more attentive, and Flo, a rich socialite who resents the little bundle's intrusion on her social life and fashion choices. The film's views on abortion would not be shared by many women of today, but director Lawrence shows a keen eye for observing the contrasting milieus of her dual heroines. Except for one brief scene with heavy decomposition caused by pink tinting, this is a sharp copy that shows off Lawrence's distinctive use of spacious interiors, suggesting a filmmaker for whom decor is destiny. Preceded by A DAUGHTER OF "THE LAW". Both in DCP digital with prerecorded music scores. (MR)

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A Daughter Of "The Law"

A Daughter Of "The Law"

1921, Grace Cunard, 22 min.

An action-packed drama featuring serial queen Cunard as a police detective who goes undercover in Tennessee moonshining country.

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