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U.S. premiere! Filmmakers in person! Film Series : 29th Annual Festival of Films from Iran

Mouth Harp in a Minor Key: Hamid Naficy In/On Exile

2017, Maryam Sepehri, Iran/USA, 62 min.

Show Times

  • Sat, Feb 2nd 8:00pm
  • Sun, Feb 3rd 4:45pm

Exile as a radically transformative experience is the theme of this documentary tracing the journey of Hamid Naficy from his boyhood growing up in Iran under the Shah to the 1979 Revolution, when he was studying in the U.S., to his present as the foremost historian of Iranian cinema and renowned authority on Iranian diaspora culture. Filmmaker Sepehri explores the impact of history before and after the Islamic Revolution on the generation of those whose lives are divided between early life in the homeland and an adulthood in permanent exile in the West. The film delineates Naficy’s unique role as an interpreter of the experience in all of its complexity. In English and Persian with English subtitles. DCP digital.

Preceded by ELLIS ISLAND (1969, Hamid Naficy, USA, 38 min.), a time-capsule documentary of life in a California student hippie commune. Digital video. (BS)

Director Maryam Sepehri and subject Hamid Naficy are scheduled to appear for audience discussion at both screenings, narrated by Michelle Puetz, Curator of Collections and Public Programs, Chicago Film Archive. Following the Saturday program, the audience is invited to a reception sponsored by the Muslim American Leadership Alliance in our Gallery/Café.

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