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Film Series : Orson Welles: The Other Side of the Argument

Mr. Arkadin

aka Confidential Report

1955, Orson Welles, France/Spain/Italy, 105 min.
Orson Welles, Robert Arden, Paola Mori

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  • Tue, Mar 12th 6:00pm

"A film of frantic movement and fragmentation, a mad rush around a maze with no center and no exit, a Eurotrash CITIZEN KANE in reverse."--B. Kite, Village Voice

This dizzying pastiche of CITIZEN KANE and THE THIRD MAN features Welles as the mysterious billionaire Gregory Arkadin, an amalgam of Charles Foster Kane, THE THIRD MAN's dashingly amoral Harry Lime, and a fairy-tale ogre. He hires a petty hustler (Arden) to investigate his (Arkadin's) own past, purportedly erased by amnesia. The narrative races through a whirlwind itinerary of locales in Europe, North Africa, and Mexico, with the sinister Arkadin shadowing his bloodhound, and his doted-upon daughter (Mori, Welles's third and final wife) caught in between. Existing in at least five different versions, none of them definitive, MR. ARKADIN foreshadows such closure-averse Welles projects as DON QUIXOTE and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. We are showing the "Corinth version," discovered in 1961, which preserves Welles's intended flashback structure. 35mm. (MR)

The screening will include a lecture/discussion by renowned critic and Welles authority Jonathan Rosenbaum.

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