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Mr. Topaze

1961, Peter Sellers, UK, 97 min.
With Peter Sellers, Nadia Gray, Herbert Lom


"Truly shines...Sellers imbues it with all the sense of fun that is right up there with his finest work of the period." --The Irish Times

Unwilling to sacrifice his principles, Auguste Topaze (Sellers), a poor but proud French schoolmaster, loses his job after he refuses to alter the failing grades of one of his students. Seizing the opportunity to exploit his well-known honesty, actress Suzy Courtois (Gray) convinces her lover, the corrupt city council member Castel Benac (Lom), to hire Topaze as a managing director for one of his shady businesses. But when Topaze learns he is being used, he cunningly turns the tables on Benac. Seller’s first and only credited directorial feature, MR. TOPAZE displays the British comic genius at the peak of his powers alongside his future PINK PANTHER nemesis Lom and a stellar supporting cast that includes Leo McKern, Billie Whitelaw and Michael Gough. Long considered a “lost” classic, MR. TOPAZE was digitally restored from the lone surviving 35mm print in the BFI National Archive at the request of the British public.

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