Film Series : Shakespeare on Film

Much Ado About Nothing

2012, Joss Whedon, USA, 109 min. With Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker.

Show Times

  • Sun, Dec 4th 3:00pm
  • Tue, Dec 6th 6:00pm

"Finally! A romantic comedy that works...Whedon's pocket-sized MUCH ADO knocks the characters off their perches and treats them like living, breathing human beings." — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

During post-production of THE AVENGERS, Whedon took a break and filmed this lark in 12 days, using his own house as the location, and casting actor friends who had previously convened there for weekend Shakespeare readings. The off-the-cuff nature of the production, filmed in black and white and played in modern-day dress, resulted in one of the least starchy, most effervescent, yet spiritually attuned Shakespeare adaptations. Antagonistic (but fated-to-be-mated) former lovers Beatrice (Acker) and Benedick (Denisof) set the template for countless future rom-com couples, battling and bickering until they come together to foil a foul plot against Beatrice's virginal cousin Hero by the villainous Don John. Culled from Whedon's movies and TV shows, the cast is all the better for not being star-heavy, with Nathan Fillion (SERENITY) especially amusing as the bumbling cop Dogberry. DCP digital. (MR)

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