Fri, Dec 10th at 6:00pm
Tue, Dec 14th at 6:00pm
Average: 4.7 (14 votes)
  1. 2001, David Lynch, USA, 147 min.
  2. With Naomi Watts, Laura Harring

"Best Film of the Decade."
—Village Voice critics' poll

Using his favorite story hook of “A Woman in Trouble," Lynch’s bizarre, beautiful mystery takes a walk on the dark side of Hollywood. Shortly after arriving in Tinseltown, starry-eyed starlet Betty (Watts) finds an amnesiac stranger (Harring) at her doorstep. As Betty becomes obsessed with unraveling her new companion's mystery, we begin to suspect that neither woman is quite who she appears to be, and that they might not be strangers after all. MULHOLLAND DR. was hailed as a return to form for Lynch, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Director. 35mm. (Christopher Sanew)

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Michael Polaire, the producer of MULHOLLAND DRIVE, will introduce the Friday screening.