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My Char-Broiled Burger with Brewer

2000, Jim Sikora, USA, 41 min. (Total films running time: ca. 70 min.)

Show Times

  • Sun, Oct 20th 5:30pm
Jim Sikora in person!

Chicago-based independent filmmaker Sikora (BULLET ON A WIRE, THE EARL) presents a program of early work centered on his involvement with the L.A. punk/hardcore scene. Unseen for nearly twenty years, CHAR-BROILED depicts three conversations between punk survivors Jack Brewer, onetime front man for Saccharine Trust, and Mike Watt, celebrated bassist for the Minutemen and the Stooges. (Both men also appear in DESOLATION CENTER.) Together they look back on the legacy and decline of the movement, with the contrast between the frumpier Brewer and the more successful and articulate Watt providing an emotional undertone to their exchanges. Sikora calls the film a chapter in the secret history of rock 'n' roll, as well as a reflection on friendship and change. Filling out the program are some of Sikora's music videos featuring such bands as Urge Overkill, Tar, Mutts, Sabers, and the Leaving Trains. Multiple formats. (MR)

Director Jim Sikora is scheduled to appear for an audience discussion moderated by "rock star" film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum!

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