fbpx My First Highway | Gene Siskel Film Center
Chicago European Union Film Festival 2017
Chicago premiere!

My First Highway

2016, Kevin Meul, Belgium, 82 min. With Aaron Roggeman, Romy Lauwers.

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 25th 2:00pm
  • Tue, Mar 28th 6:00pm

A seemingly innocent chronicle of first love experienced in the course of a Belgian family’s beach holiday in Spain switches into a tense darkening mode when 16-year-old Benjamin comes under the spell of sly-eyed Anne, the sexually experienced vixen whose parents own the nearby convenience store. When Anne tearfully confides to her awkward new lover that she’s been raped by a local man, Benjamin stands ready to avenge her honor in the course of a night’s harrowing journey in a stolen car. But is Anne telling the truth? In this road movie that arrives at eye-opening discovery, an indelible burden of guilt is the price of newfound adulthood. In Flemish with English subtitles. Courtesy of Premium Films. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

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