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Adele Pham in person! Film Series : The 24th Annual Asian American Showcase

Nailed It

2018, Adele Pham, USA, 59 min.

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  • Sun, Apr 14th 5:15pm

The confluence of immigrant ambition, free enterprise, and sheer perseverance fed into the rise those Asian nail salons that seem to be on every block in every U.S. city, and filmmaker Pham has the whole story at her fingertips. It all started back in 1975, when Hitchcock star Tippi Hedren (THE BIRDS) enabled a group of twenty unemployed Vietnamese immigrant women to obtain training and licensing as manicurists. The movement took off wherever Vietnamese settled, while technicians of other Asian ethnicities soon entered the business, and elaborate nail art was branded as a trendy Asian phenomenon. Pham delves into the subject with an eye to intercultural relations, especially with regard to tensions between the Vietnamese and African American communities. DCP digital. (BS);

Director Adele Phan and nail industry expert Kelvin Pham (featured in film) are scheduled to appear for an audience discussion.

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