Fri, Jun 8th at 8:15pm
Mon, Jun 11th at 6:00pm
Tue, Jun 12th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!
Filmmakers in person!

  1. 2012, Nathan Adloff, USA, 78 min.
  2. With Natalie West, Tyler Ross, Conor McCahill, Gaby Hoffmann

This offbeat first feature by Chicago-based filmmaker Adloff might be described as a buddy movie where the buddies are a 19-year-old gay film student (Nate) and a 52-year-old aspiring stand-up comedian (Margaret). Their friendship falters when Nate embarks on a torrid affair with a first boyfriend (McCahill) who fails to appreciate this unique relationship (“Is she, like, your mom?”). As in his prize-winning shorts UNTIED STRANGERS and IRREGULAR FRUIT, Adloff displays a gift for tonal shifts and emotionally awkward moments. Chicago theater veteran West (best-known as Roseanne’s best friend Crystal on the long-running sitcom) delivers a affecting performance as the tenacious, so-uncool-she’s-cool Margaret. HDCAM video. (MR)

Director Nathan Adloff will be present for audience discussion at all three screenings; actors Natalie West and Conor McCahill will join him on Friday.

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