Film Series : Brit Noir

Ninety Degrees In The Shade

1965, Jiri Weiss, UK/Czechoslovakia, 90 min. With Anne Heywood, James Booth.

Show Times

  • Sat, Nov 12th 5:15pm
  • Mon, Nov 14th 6:00pm

"Off-kilter, compelling little mid-'60s thriller...cinematographer Bedrich Batka conjures up some stunning scope compositions here, almost in the same realm as his amazing work on the brilliant MARKETA LAZAROVÁ." — Mondo Digital

This rediscovered rarity, virtually unseen for fifty years, is a fascinating hybrid on several levels. It is in English, features a largely British cast, and was written by a British screenwriter (David Mercer of MORGAN! and PROVIDENCE), but it was filmed in Prague with a Czech director and crew. Stylistically, it is a blend of British kitchen-sink drama, sardonic Czech irony, 1960s sexual candor, and film-noir fatalism. In some ways a very dark spin on THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, the story centers on a shop girl (Heywood) caught between two men. The first (Booth) is her shop manager and lover, a married man who is stringing her along. The second (Rudolph Hrusínský of THE CREMATOR) is a rigorous auditor with a dipsomaniac wife (Ann Todd). The two sides intersect when the auditor uncovers embezzlement by the manager, who pressures the shop girl to cover up for him. DCP digital widescreen. (MR)

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