No Borders:

Contemporary Latin American Cinema

September 3 - December 13

This series looks at fourteen Latin American films made from the early 1980s, when many countries in the region were transitioning to democracy after long periods of dictatorship, through the present day. We will examine how experimentation with conventional narrative, documentary technique, and film form have allowed Latin American filmmakers to comment on their respective countries’ recent histories, ongoing social problems, and prospects for the future. What role does cinema have to play in confronting legacies of military regimes; difficult questions around poverty, migration and narcotrafficking; debates over emerging racial and sexual identities; and aspirations for a just and prosperous future in a region historically bereft
of one?

— Daniel R. Quiles, Associate Professor of Art History, Theory & Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Tuesday screenings include lectures by Daniel R. Quiles, Associate Professor of Art History, Theory & Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The series is presented in cooperation with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism. Additional screenings of the films on Friday or Saturday do not include Prof. Quiles’s lecture.

— Martin Rubin, Associate Director of Programming, Gene Siskel Film Center

Admission to all "No Borders" programs is $5 for Film Center members; usual admission prices apply for non-members. Click here to learn how to become a member.


Tuesday lecture series!

El Norte

1983, Gregory Nava, USA, 141 min.With David Villalpando, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez


  • Sat, Sep 3rd 5:00pm
  • Tue, Sep 6th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

The Official Story

La historia oficial

1984, Luis Puenzo, Argentina, 112 min. With Norma Aleandro, Héctor Alterio.


  • Tue, Sep 13th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

Neighboring Sounds

O Som ao Redor

2013, Kleber Mendonça Filho, Brazil, 131 min. With W.J. Solha, Irandhir Santos.


  • Tue, Sep 20th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

Children of Men

2006, Alfonso Cuarón, USA/UK, 109 min. With Clive Owen, Julianne Moore.


  • Sun, Sep 25th 5:15pm
  • Tue, Sep 27th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

The Secret in Their Eyes

El secreto de sus ojos

2009, Juan José Campanella, Argentina, 129 min. With Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil.


  • Sat, Oct 1st 5:30pm
  • Tue, Oct 4th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

Battle in Heaven

Batalla en el cielo

2005, Carlos Reygadas, Mexico, 98 min. With Marcos Hernandez, Anapola Mushkadiz.


  • Sat, Oct 8th 5:00pm
  • Tue, Oct 11th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

The Pearl Button

El botón de nácar

2015, Patricio Guzmán, Chile, 82 min.


  • Sat, Oct 15th 5:15pm
  • Tue, Oct 18th 6:00pm

Chicago premiere! Tuesday lecture series!

From Afar

Desde Allá

2015, Lorenzo Vigas, Venezuela, 93 min. With Alfred Castro, Luis Silva.


  • Sat, Oct 22nd 6:30pm
  • Tue, Oct 25th 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

Bus 174

Ônibus 174

2002, José Padilha and Felipe Lacerda, Brazil, 122 min.


  • Sat, Oct 29th 4:45pm
  • Tue, Nov 1st 6:00pm

Tuesday lecture series!

Embrace of the Serpent

El abrazo de la serpiente

2016, Ciro Guerra, Colombia, 125 min. With Nilbio Torres, Antonio Bolivar.


  • Sat, Nov 5th 5:45pm
  • Tue, Nov 8th 6:00pm