Friday, March 9 2012

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\31 6:00 pm

French director Gavras (BLAME IT ON FIDEL) crosses the channel for this wry and wistful look at the difficulties of growing old gracefully. Hurt and Rossellini co-star as London...


Léa Seydoux, one of the hottest young French actresses (LA BELLE PERSONNE, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, GHOST PROTOCOL), delivers a smolderingly intense performance as Prudence Friedman, a 16-year...

\31 8:00 pm

Truth is at the center of this odd little road movie, even when it looks like a lie. Kamen, an art student hitchhiking to the funeral of a friend, teams up with fellow thumb-jockey Avé...


A crisis in the health care system may be just another side effect of Greece’s financial woes, but for director Goritsas it became fodder for this biting black comedy based on a real...