Monday, March 26 2012

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\31 6:00 pm

In his directorial debut, noted actor Auteuil (CACHÉ, GIRL ON THE BRIDGE) reconnects with Marcel Pagnol, literary source for the 1986 adaptations of JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE...


Following his films on Radiohead and Joy Division, documentarian Gee turns to a cult figure of a different sort: W.G. Sebald, the revered German-born writer who spent much of his life as...

\31 8:00 pm

A sense of whimsy gives this earthy fable a magical air. Traveling salesman Tony is on deadline to peddle to commercial pig farmers a quota number of his company’s bizarre robot pig, a...


Following the Oscar-nominated DOGTOOTH, director Lanthimos tackles yet another darkly comic story in which his characters conjure up a bizarre alternate world. A nurse, a paramedic, a...