Sunday, November 18 2012

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\30 3:00 pm

The work of two nuns outside a Chicago-area deportation center serves as an introduction to the tumultuous and engaged world of American Catholic nuns in the fifty years following...


A clueless bookworm sets out to find a wife in amusingly inept ways. Étaix’s highly successful first feature combines elements of Buster Keaton and Mr. Magoo, with a wealth of gags...

\30 5:00 pm

For his fifth feature, Étaix boldly struck out in a new direction--and paid the price. Not only was LAND his first documentary, but its more explicitly satiric and political dimensions...


Sumptuous, palate-pleasing sushi: who doesn’t love it? There’s plenty to salivate over as this documentary traces the history, art, and technique of sushi-making worldwide, but it’s no...