Wednesday, November 21 2012

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\30 6:00 pm

Sumptuous, palate-pleasing sushi: who doesn’t love it? There’s plenty to salivate over as this documentary traces the history, art, and technique of sushi-making worldwide, but it’s no...


For his fifth feature, Étaix boldly struck out in a new direction--and paid the price. Not only was LAND his first documentary, but its more explicitly satiric and political dimensions...

\30 7:00 pm

The work of two nuns outside a Chicago-area deportation center serves as an introduction to the tumultuous and engaged world of American Catholic nuns in the fifty years following...


In the chaos following the 1912 fall of the Qing dynasty, double-crossed warlord Hou (Lau) seeks redemption for his pillaging ways in the sanctity of a Buddhist temple now threatened by...