Sunday, December 30 2012

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\31 3:00 pm

Cowboy Lin McAdam (Stewart) wins a prized Winchester rifle in a contest, only to have it stolen by his rival, setting off an epic struggle between brothers. With this film, Stewart...


Fuelled by rave reviews and great word of mouth, this hit documentary is an irresistible combination of great rediscovered music and a great mystery yarn. In 1969, a talented Detroit...

\31 4:00 pm

The public and private lives of the four members of an internationally famous string quartet run off the rails when cellist Peter (Walken) reveals a debilitating illness on the occasion...

\31 5:00 pm

A mysterious stranger wreaks havoc on a small Western town that allowed its sheriff to be whipped to death by a gang of thugs. Eastwood’s townspeople could populate several rings of...