Sunday, January 6 2013

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\31 3:00 pm

Adapted from the quirky French comic books of Joann Sfar, this delightful adult-targeted animation is set in Algiers in 1920, where a rabbi’s lean and feisty cat miraculously gains the...


A journey through history merges with a bizarre foray into the unfamiliar world of advertising for London filmmaker Edelstyn when he discovers his late grandmother’s diary detailing the...

\31 4:00 pm

THE FLAT is a gripping detective story leading to astonishing revelations, but it’s all true. It begins with filmmaker Goldfinger cleaning out the Tel Aviv apartment of his recently...

\31 5:00 pm

A dying Vietnam vet, memories of an unpopular war, and a man’s promise add up to an unexpected final journey for one scuttled F-105 Thunderchief aircraft, affectionately known as Thud....