Sunday, January 13 2013

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\31 3:00 pm

Adapted from the quirky French comic books of Joann Sfar, this delightful adult-targeted animation is set in Algiers in 1920, where a rabbi’s lean and feisty cat miraculously gains the...


Collaborating with sociologist Edgar Morin, Rouch reversed the traditional focus of ethnography by examining members of his own “strange tribe”--a group of Parisians living through the...

\31 4:00 pm

An underrated figure in French cinema, Claude Sautet moved in his career from tough crime films (CLASSE TOUS RISQUES, L’ARME À GAUCHE) to subtle psychological/romantic dramas (LES CHOSES...


This rarely screened anthology film was commissioned by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The three directors were invited to film a half-hour episode each during a cruise of a...