Tuesday, January 22 2013

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\31 6:00 pm

No name in the world of fashion inspired greater admiration or greater fear than that of Diana Vreeland, eccentrically glamorous, tough, imperious and long-lived editor of Harper’s...


A breakthrough film in Rouch’s exploration of “ethno-fiction,” MOI, UN NOIR centers on semi-employed migrant workers in the impoverished Treichville neighborhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast...

\31 7:00 pm

Scenes of carefree children at play in the narrow but neighborly streets of Montmartre in the early summer of 1942 give way to the darkness of the imminent threat for the Jews of Paris...

\31 8:00 pm

Winner of the best documentary prize at Sundance, the latest film by Eugene Jarecki (THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER, WHY WE FIGHT) ranks with THE THIN BLUE LINE, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE,...