Friday, February 1 2013

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\28 6:00 pm

From its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival to New Directors, New Films in New York and beyond, NEIGHBORING SOUNDS has earned non-stop raves. Hailed as a director to watch,...


Those were the days, when an antiestablishment film like this one could be nominated for three major Oscars (Director, Screenplay,
Foreign Language Film). The defining work of...

\28 8:00 pm

As awards season heats up, actors Hawkes (WINTER’S BONE) and Hunt (AS GOOD AS IT GETS) have been deservedly nominated for a host of them, including Golden Globes, for their roles in this...


Fabulously talented and ferociously temperamental, Ginger Baker is the most legendary rock drummer, notable both for his game-changing work with such groups as Cream and Blind Faith, and...