Friday, February 8 2013

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\28 6:00 pm

A leap beyond Wright’s two previous Knightley-starring literary adaptations, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and ATONEMENT, ANNA KARENINA is a daring and imaginative rendering of Tolstoy’s classic...


Made in the heady early days of Russian-Cuban solidarity by veteran Soviet director Kalatozov (THE CRANES ARE FLYING), I AM CUBA recklessly mixes the dialectical agitprop of Sergei...

\28 8:00 pm

Mammoth glaciers and eons-old arctic snow blankets dissolve before our eyes by means of the stunning but alarming time-lapse photography pioneered by National Geographic’s James Balog....


Karayuki-san (“Miss Gone-to-China”) is the Japanese term for Japanese women who worked as prostitutes in East Asia and Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, Imamura encounters one these woman,...