Thursday, February 14 2013

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\28 6:00 pm

A leap beyond Wright’s two previous Knightley-starring literary adaptations, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and ATONEMENT, ANNA KARENINA is a daring and imaginative rendering of Tolstoy’s classic...


Fern Silva’s invigorating, geographically sweeping films bring together sounds and images of nature, ritual, and pop culture from Europe, South America, the Middle East and the United...

\28 8:00 pm

The theme of the flexibility and arbitrariness of truth that marked Beyer’s JAKOB THE LIAR is also central to this tense postwar prison drama. Mark, a young German soldier, is accused...


Mammoth glaciers and eons-old arctic snow blankets dissolve before our eyes by means of the stunning but alarming time-lapse photography pioneered by National Geographic’s James Balog....