Monday, February 18 2013

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\28 6:00 pm

This riveting documentary deals with five individuals who did not participate in Nazi atrocities but nevertheless bear the guilt: the children, grandchildren, and other descendants of...


Topping many a Ten Best list for 2012, HOLY MOTORS marked Carax’s return to the screen after a long absence. This wild, mythic enigma chronicles a day and a night in the life of the...

\28 7:00 pm

The affair of the late-18th-century English princess who became Denmark’s queen Caroline Mathilde (Vikander, also in ANNA KARENINA) with the German doctor (chiseled European heartthrob...

\28 8:00 pm

Notable as the first and only East German film to focus on homosexuality, COMING OUT is also a complex character study and a fascinating look at Berlin life in the last days of the GDR (...