Thursday, March 7 2013

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\31 6:00 pm

This touching and funny film centers on father-daughter conflicts in a Parisian Jewish family. An X-ray technician who yearns to be an artist (and ingeniously combines her two vocations...


With just three films, Wheatley (DOWN TERRACE, KILL LIST) has established himself as one of Britain’s most talented filmmakers, with a distinctive brand of grisly/giddy black humor....

\31 8:00 pm

Chicago video pioneer Phil Morton (1945-2003) anticipated remix in his genre-defying individual and collaborative projects that share characteristics with what we now call “New Media”...


Growing up in a Romany village where cell phones and satellite dishes stand in stark contrast to seamy squalor, 14-year-old Adam is haunted by the mysterious death of his father and his...