Monday, March 18 2013

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\31 6:00 pm

In this often uproarious culture-clash comedy, an upscale, uptight Parisian family gets a badly needed dose of defrosting when their lives are invaded by a rude-and-crude plumber/...


This stylish, twisty heist thriller uses a gritty Yorkshire milieu and an ingenious plot to add its own distinctive flavor alongside such latter-day genre landmarks as THE USUAL SUSPECTS...

\31 8:00 pm

The scrappy 18-year-old daughter of a small-town prostitute storms the bastion of the rich and powerful in this drama set in the elite country-club world of horse trials and show jumping...


Life revolves around dreams of fortune in this enjoyable satire, while real possibilities ironically slip away. Young slacker Marius is winner of the million-Euro jackpot in a cigarette...