Thursday, March 21 2013

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All day
\31 6:00 pm

Named for but also infinitely inspired by Michael Snow’s 1967 masterpiece WAVELENGTH, the Toronto International Film Festival’s avant-garde program presents films and videos that defy...


Announced by Resnais as his last film, this sprightly swansong brings together the great director’s central themes of memory, self-reflexivity, and theatricality for a final bow....

\31 8:00 pm

The line between devotion and masturbation becomes blurred for Anna Maria, a missionary-minded nurse, whose attention to her punishing prayers is diverted by the untimely appearance of a...


Madcap antics, sexy innuendo, and hilarious beefcake figure in this over-the-top comedy by Hungary’s popular director and star Robert Koltai (COLOSSAL SENSATION!). After inadvertently...