Wednesday, April 3 2013

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\30 6:00 pm

The imagined secret life of Alfred Hitchcock, a man who notoriously kept his private life private, has been irresistible catnip to filmmakers lately. Loosely based on Stephen Rebello’s...


Striking out in his bid to play for the NBA, lanky, charismatic basketball player Kevin Sheppard ends up on the international circuit, playing in the Iranian Basketball Super League for...

\30 7:00 pm

Best known as co-creator of the rough-and-ready [REC] franchise, director Balagueró goes for scares on a deeper level with this superbly crafted psychological thriller that drew critics...

\30 8:00 pm

Over fifty years old and still revolutionary, PSYCHO has become an American icon, impossible to describe without giving away too much. The film's plot and central imagery have become a...